Sunday Morning Worship – 10:45am
At Central, we desire to bring our worship together each Sunday morning at 10:45 AM following our Sunday School hour. Services incorporate the Orchestra and Adult Choir, part of our Music Ministry, by leading in an inspirational time of praise through music, under the leadership of our Music Minister, Jeff Hagans. Guests and members will hear and sing old and new songs of our faith.
The sermon, delivered by Pastor Leroy Williams, is certain to be relevant and challenging. We invite you to bring your worship and join ours as we sing to an audience of One!

audience of one

Sunday Evening Worship – 6:00pm
FOCUS Groups
We begin our meeting time in the Sanctuary at 6:00 PM and, after a time of worship through music, disperse into the separate focus classes. It is an exciting time of discipleship here at Central where opportunities are created to meet people where they are, and take each one a little deeper in their walk of faith. Each FOCUS group lasts eight to twelve weeks.
Where is God wanting you to grow?

Sanctuary full front


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