Our History

“On April 24, 1960, sixty one men, women, and children met in one of Brother Kelly George’s warehouses on Dorchester Street, West Melbourne, to start a mission of the First Baptist Church of Melbourne. We had a few chairs and some 2x6s on concrete blocks covered with brown paper for the seats. The furniture on the platform was made the day before and we had an old piano with three keys stuck which was given to us. It made some mighty sweet music to our ears.
At prayer meeting on May 18 we voted on the name “Central Baptist Church”. On Sunday, May 22, 1960 the mission was constituted into a church. Sunday School attendance that day was 89. We had 64 charter members that day. At this time we had more tithers per capita than any other Baptist church in Florida – nearly 100%.
That was the happiest group of Christians I have ever been with. Everybody was smiling and enthusiastic. There was no doubt in our mind where we were going. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in all of the meetings, and God proved that He is a wonderful Savior to His people when they will let Him be….”
L. H. Brown, charter member of Central Baptist Church

In April of 1981, Central broke ground to build a brand new Sanctuary for the thriving church. By 1985, our 25th anniversary, Central began double Sunday School and worship services each Sunday to accommodate the members and visitors. In 2003, Central extended the call to our Music Minister, Jeff Hagans. In 2004, Shannon England joined the staff as Student Minister. And finally in 2008, Leroy Williams became part of the family as Senior Pastor.

Central celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010! We know that although God has showed His hand throughout our history in a big way, the best days are still yet to come!


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