Meet our Ministers

Leroy Williams, Senior Pastor
Leroy hails from the “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” city of Hahira, GA, and was saved at age 17.  He met and married his wife, Lori, while studying at Valdosta State, and after serving in various ministerial roles on the east coast, they moved to Melbourne in 2008 to serve at Central.  Faith, family and football are among his favorite things to talk about and conversation is easy with an exciting team like the Georgia Bulldogs, five beautiful children and an incredible gracious Lord. In his down time, Leroy enjoys hunting and fishing and relishing God’s handiwork, from the tiny detail of spider webs to majestic flashes of lightning during a storm.
Some people mistakenly think believers called to be pastors are somehow favored by God or are different than other believers, but that’s not the case, Leroy said. “I see myself as a real person with tensions and temptations like everyone else, but with a Savior of grace. He has empowered me to overcome the world and to both rest and trust in Him. My desire is for every facet of my life, my likes and experiences, to be actively under the lordship of Christ.”

Jeffrey Hagans, Music Minister
Jeff calls Alabama his “sweet home,” but when he crossed the state line to study at Florida State University, the Sunshine State became a second home. He began leading music in his teens, but it took a message during a revival service he was co-leading at age 19 for him to understand his personal need for God. He began serving at Central in 2003 with the support of his wife, Eldean, and their three children. Adult choir members often say that Jeff should write a book about the many hilarious misadventures he has experienced throughout his life, which they look forward to hearing during rehearsals.
Aside from exercising his musical gifts at Central, Jeff also sings with the Florida Worship Choir and the Florida Singing Men, comprised of ministers of music, choir and worship team members from around the state. He and Eldean have participated in two international tours with the groups, visiting Australia and Indonesia. His ongoing seminary classes have allowed him to travel to an archeological dig in Egypt and tour parts of the Holy Land, an experience Jeff has said he will never forget.

Shannon England, Student Minister
Shannon grew up playing in the dirt roads of Kosciusko, Mississippi, and was saved at age 15, but delights in the sand, surf and sunshine available in Florida where he has lived since coming in 2004 to serve as minister to students at Central. When God called him out of the secular workforce and into full-time ministry, he initially thought he would serve God best as a chaplain for one of his favorite sports, NASCAR, but a passion for students grew in his heart and he never tires of reminding them, “Jesus Loves You!”
If spending time with students or friends includes volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee or football, Shannon jumps at the chance to play a game or two. Spending time with his wife, Kerry, son, and married daughter and son-in-law is a priority, but that doesn’t stop him from opening his home and heart to college and international students far from their own families. His life verse is 1 Timothy 1:5; “Remember the goal of our instruction; to love with a pure heart, a clear conscience and a sincere faith,” and his desire is to live that verse daily.


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