Student Mission Trip to Arlington, TX

Gone to Texas

Our Youth Ministry will be leaving early June on a missions trip to Arlington, Texas to team up with a local ministry called Mission Arlington.  Central has sent groups there a few years previously and our Minister to Students, Shannon England, is excited to be going back. “I have personally worked with Mission Arlington several years and have always been impressed how God has used them to Stay Salty You Are the Salt of the Earthmake an incredible impact in so man communities for His Kingdom.”  The youth and adults who will be going (about 27 total) will serve as missionaries in multi-family housing communities in the Arlington area. Their responsibilities will include leading Backyard Bile Clubs, known as Rainbow Express,  and various types of volunteer work with some startup churches.  Please be in prayer for them as they drive all 1100+ miles to their destination for safe travel and for a blessed time of teaching and learning, that they become closer to the Savior as they seek to make His name known in all they do.


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