From the Pastor’s Heart

“What do you want to do?” That is a never ending question around my house. It is one that can take our family to experience Florida at its best on one of the many beaches or creeks. But it is also a question that can result in shopping or yard work just as easily. The answer to the question, “What do you want to do?” takes into account many facets of life.

True needs comprise many of the facets. We need food to live. So, sometimes the answer to the question must be shopping for groceries. As much as I dislike shopping, I must say yes to the event of shopping because of the need of eating. We like a maintained house (we at least try!). So, as much as there might be druthers, we must say yes as a family to yard work at times.

But, just enjoying the precious event of life is also a priority for us. So, enjoyment comprises some of the facets of life. So we must say yes to some time together for the express purpose of fun and family time. This becomes one of the “what do you want to do?” answers to life for us. Keep in mind, all of these facets of life and decisions are simply part of the entirety of worship. It is our desire to worship God in and through our yes answers to every facet of life.

I see church in the same view. We must answer the question together, “what do we want to do?” True needs will direct many of these answers just as they do for a family. Our truest need as a family of faith is that of the presence and understanding of God. So, we say “yes” to experiencing God through song and teaching as a result of this need. Other facets of true need for the family of faith include evangelism, fellowship, leadership, unity, operating in giftedness to the temporal needs of paying the bills and maintaining buildings. These are all needs and they direct our answers to “what do we want to do?”.

We usually have no problem saying “yes” to many of the temporal needs of water bills and building maintenance, because they will shut your water off and the building will diminish over time. But just as families tend to neglect seeing the priority of family fun time as a main reason for existence as a family, the church likewise fails to remember that things like evangelism and discipleship and fellowship are really the primary “what we REALLY want to do as a family of faith!” When we know what we really want to do, or better put, what God wants us to do, then we know what we are to say “YES” to regardless of anything else.

Central Baptist Church, one task awaits us as a family of faith in 2014 that will help us answer the question, “what do we want to do?” and that task is discovering together what God says we should be saying “Yes” to first and foremost. Agreeing with God’s agenda is the greatest form of worship we can express as a family of faith!

In Christ’s love,
Leroy Williams


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